Lost Girl

Ok, so I did it. I created a blog. I am technologically impaired and have absolutely no idea what I am doing, but I did it. This blog will be dedicated to me finding myself again. Who I am. How I write. What I see. Ideas. Rants. Frustrations. Randomness. Who knows? We shall see how it goes. For too long now I have tried to fit myself into a mold of who I thought everyone else ¬†wanted me to be. The perfect daughter, the perfect mom, the perfect wife. I seem to have failed at them all, but it has finally occurred to me that maybe there is no such thing. I have lost all focus on things I love. To the point where I’m not even sure I know what I love, or what makes me happy anymore. I am hoping this blog will help. So how do you stop caring? How do you let go of wanting to be perfect for everyone? How do you still love others and be true to yourself? How do you find your true self? How do I stop being afraid to write? How do I figure out how and what I want to write? These are my struggles. Stay tuned and maybe I’ll figure out the answers.